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Red Fox

Red Fox




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Red Fox

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 Fox Fools Eagle

Fox was always hungry, and he was always having ideas.  One day, eggs sounded really good to him as he walked along in the forest.  When he came upon Eagle sitting on her nest high up in a fir tree, he had an idea.  He took a branch and began knocking on the tree.  He yelled, "If you don't throw an egg down to  me, I'll knock over this tree and take all your eggs?"  EAgle got scared and threw down an egg.  "Ha, I fooled you, EAgle,"  Fox called as he rean for cover.  "How could I knock over a huge tree with that little branch?"  Now Eagle was angry.  Eagle was fast too.  She swooped down, grabbed Fox in her beak, flew over the mountains and out to sea where she left Fox on a very small island, after taking back her egg, of course.  "Oo oo," Fox wailed and sang, "What shall I do-oo-oo?" The animals of the sea heard his song and gathered around, curious.  Clever Fox had an idea again now, and he sang, "Are there more creatures on the land or in the sea?  If you line up nose to tail, I'll count and we shall see?"  Well, the whales nad walruses and sealas all KNEW there were more of the, and os they lined up, and, pretending to coun, Fox ran across their backs toward land.  Soon he jumped ashore and went home, laughing.  He was still hungy, though, and so he had an idea...

- Adpated from a Siberian folktale


- The red fox lives throughout most of North America and Eurasia.  It has the widest range of any land-dwelling carnivore.

- Red foxes have very sharp senses of smell, hearing and sight.  Their golden eyes are slitted, like a cat's, making them well-suited to hunting at night.

- Red foxes are agile, fast, and clever hunters.  They can even perform a dance of somersaults and tail-chasing to "charm" small animals into sitting still.

- Red foxes have adapted very well to living around people, even in suburbs and cities.  They can live in drainpipes and "hunt" in garbage cans.