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Forest Reading Buddies

Forest Reading Buddies

Welcome to Stonewall Elementary Library's Forest Reading Buddies Program.  

Reading Buddies can improve reading fluency, decrease anxiety in reluctant or stressed readers, and add a bit of cuddly fun to reading, making it even more pleasurable than it usually is!

Reading aloud can be stressful, even for adults. We often feel judged and found lacking. Yet reading aloud has powerful impact on developing reading fluency, including increasing speed, accurately and with inflection.

When we read to ourselves, we can leave out the inflection part, becoming sing-songy.  Even strong, avid, gifted readers can benefit from having a reason to read and someone to “listen.” Children are often better than adults at that willing suspension of disbelief that allows them to believe that in some way, they are being heard.  Reading Buddies have the power to lure young readers out of that and into a more effective, deliberate reading practice that is more useful while simultaneously being less stressful because you’re holding a plush toy (essentially a comfort object). It’s a win-win!

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Letting readers choose their Reading Buddy increases the likelihood that they will actually engage, so I believe choice is best.

Have fun reading with Reading Buddies!